Recruiting Process Recruiting Process

Our interview process is a great way to get to know you. It’s also a fantastic way for you to get to know a little more about A.T. Kearney and find out whether we are a good fit for you. That’s why we place a great deal of importance on the entire process.

We are continuously looking for the best people for all consulting ranks and for management services. Our interview and recruiting process begins after you have sent us your application. The process is structured in three rounds. It might take time, but we will inform you of the steps along the way.

  • First Round: Aptitude Test—In this round, you will be invited to complete a one-hour test, similar to the GMAT, focusing on your math, general knowledge, and time management skills.
  • Second Round: Interviews with our senior consultants—You will have two interviews to assess your overall fit with A.T. Kearney based on personal characteristics, industry and function experience, core competencies (such as team work and implementation), consulting affinity, and potential client impact. In the meantime, we will also ask you to complete a short case study. How well you do in this will reveal your communication skills, problem-solving powers, and your ability to solve a typical consulting problem within a limited timeframe.
  • Third Round: Interview with a partner—If you are successful in the first rounds, you will be invited to meet with a partner for a final interview within a few weeks of the first round.
  • Offer—The outcome of the first rounds and partner interview will determine whether or not you receive an offer. Once you have decided to accept our offer, you will also be provided with a mentor, who will advise you as you begin your career with the firm.

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